InCrease now obsolete

Folding installer, monitor and controller for Mac OS X. For single and dual CPU Macs and for monitoring Folding over a network. Effortless install, perfect for novices. Full featured enough for folding experts & network wizards. Uses the genuine Stanford Folding clients.

InCrease now obsolete

Postby jackrabbit » Sun Jun 12, 2016 10:39 am

Since the advent of the v7 Folding@home client, InCrease is no longer useful to control the client.
Also, calxalot, the developer of InCrease, has stated that InCrease has become "completely obsolete".

The program has been extremely useful to us for many years. It was pretty much the de facto standard way of contributing to the project before the advent of the v7 client. Many thanks to calxalot for creating it and answering many of the Mac folding community's questions and requests for enhancement!
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