Folding interview with vijay pande!, Mp3 available

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Folding interview with vijay pande!, Mp3 available

Postby NoahJ » Fri Apr 15, 2005 12:00 am

[color=#000F22][color=darkgray]Moved from the Member News forum where it first appeared January 18, 2005[/color]

In another TeamMacOSX first I have secured an audio interview with Vijay Pande on Folding@Home.  There were many questions asked and it runs for almost 30 minutes.  Many topics were covered from Tinker and Amber on Macs to new developments in folding cores.  Check it out, it is straight from the big man himself, Vijay Pande.

[url=]Vijay Pande's Interview, Streamed[/url]

If you have iTunes or another program set to play web streams the above link is for you.  If you want to listen to it on your own time offline here is the link to the MP3 itself.

[url=] Vijay Pande's Interview, Downloadable MP3 (12.7 MB) [/url]

[url=]Link for Modem Users[/url]  Thanks go out to Glenn at Folding Community for this 3.41 MB downloadable MP3 file.

[url=]WMA Link for Modem Users who use Windows Media[/url].  1MB file.  Thanks BorisBorf of CBD Folding!

It is truly great how all the folding teams have gotten behind us on this effort.  :woot:

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